Begin the Journey to a better You!

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”


Are you feeling stuck in your life at the moment?
Do you no longer feel that you are growing as a person?
Do you live a fast paced life but for some reason still feel like you are not moving at all?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the questions above, then you are in dire need of some sort of change in your life.

Now that you have recognized the need to change your life, you have two options. You can sit back and wait for change to come or you can take charge of your life and steer it to the path that you are meant to be on.

Change is a constant process. It’s the constant driving force that moves us forward in our own respective lives. So if you want to move forward with your life, you need to be more accepting of change.

Here at, we have 3 very helpful resources that will guide you in your life changing process. All of these resources aim for one thing – to guide you on your journey towards changing for a better and happier YOU.

 Higher Awareness  The Soul Journey  CentrePointe
General topic Personal Development Spiritual Development Meditation
Focus Build a solid foundation as you know and heal yourself Create a relationship with your soul or higher self Meditate deeper than a Zen Monk at the push of a button
Main benefits Confidence, skill development, character building, find your unique expression and purpose Answer “What is Soul?”, raise your consciousness, spiritually heal yourself, make sense of your life, find your purpose, contribution and ideal service Decrease stress, create whole brain thinking, end fear and anxiety, be happier
Programs and resources 13 e-books (each with 30 days of email support), 17 email programs, 100 intuitive resource lists, 50 journaling tools and much more A series of 4 e-books with email support and guidance The Holosync Solution CD’s
Topics Know your personal self, self healing, awareness training, goal setting, time management, journal writing, creativity and intuition development, life purpose, relationship development, increase prosperity and abundance. Know your spiritual self, spiritual healing, developing soul consciousness and finding your soul purpose Meditation, longevity, stillness, peacefulness
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Higher Awareness

Change cannot begin if you do not know where or what you want to change in your life. So, the first step towards changing your life is knowing who you are, healing who you are and making a successful personal development plan. Gain the confidence to trust your own skills and decide where you want to be in life. Once you have a better understanding of yourself, fulfilment and happiness can be yours!

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The Soul Journey

Get to know yourself at a deeper level and tap into your true soul purpose. When we can understand, love and respond to soul, we then find meaning in all of our experiences – even the difficult ones. The challenges that come hand in hand with starting the change process will become easier if we go with the movement of our soul. Begin to raise your consciousness, develop and heal your personality, and discover your soul purpose.

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Meditation Process

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” (Arnold Bennett) The change process will not be filled with rainbows and candies. You will experience discomfort or you will want to quit at some point. This is where the power of Meditation can be of great help. Proper mediation can tap into your inner peace and help you get through trials with ease. Learn how you can maximize the full benefits of meditation in just a fraction of a time.

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